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Art Therapy
Our Approach
Art Therapy
A form of psychotherapy that uses the creative process as the medium for communication.

The main goal of art therapeutic interaction is for a person to recognize their needs and discover ways to meet them.

Recognition happens through visual activity, non-verbal play or contemplation, while verbal communication is not excluded.
Our mission
To spread knowledge about art therapy as a supportive practice and to implement art therapy programs and initiatives for the psychological support of children, families and adults in different situations.
We believe that visual language is accessible to everyone without limits. This form of communication can be the unifying link between a person and their inner world, as well as between different people.
Our Approach
Additional professional education
For specialists in the field of art therapy
Art therapy groups and individual counseling
For children, families, and adults
Public projects
For specific demographic groups, dealing with psychological trauma and its prevention
By uniting these areas, we achieve sustainable results in individual cases as well as at the community level.
Support someone
We are collecting donations to provide individual art therapy support to those who need it, but cannot afford it.
You can make a recurring or one-off donation.