Art Therapist’s Office: Online

Art therapy counseling in an online format for children and families receiving palliative support
The project was implemented in partnership with the Vera Foundation and supported by the ArtSocial Foundation
Project start: June 2022
After working on in-person services within the Hospice and the outreach service of the Art Therapist’s Office, we are starting to develop an online format for providing art therapy support to families with children receiving palliative support, not only in Moscow but also in the regions of Russia.
Studio specialists have extensive experience working with families with children on palliative support, as well as experience working with groups and individuals online.
Within the proposed project, representatives of the target groups will receive support in the form of 12 sessions with a specialist, which corresponds to the duration of a basic therapeutic contract.

As a result of the project, we expect an increase in adaptability in families with a child who is a palliative patient: variability of behavior, the resource state of the parent and child, the introduction and development of independent creative initiatives within the family.

In working with young adults, we expect the emergence of a stable interest in new social activities or creative initiatives and improved communication within the family.
In working with adults, we anticipate the development of a diverse toolkit for restoring resources, the emergence of skills in supportive interaction with their child, reducing stress levels, fulfilling the hidden need for group and community belonging, and discovering the need for regular community meetings.
To support this activity in the future, we see the possibility of using the data collected within the project and the testimonial survey information from beneficiaries to attract other organizations, services, and volunteers to participate in similar programs, as well as to motivate the beneficiaries themselves to formulate requests for support, which makes it easier to find initiatives and projects ready to support those in need.