Art Therapy: Theory and Practice
Professional Retraining Program // online // March 2023-June 2025
About the course
This is an educational course where students acquire comprehensive knowledge on the history of art therapy development, its methodological foundations, and basic working techniques. Students will explore the experience of art therapy methodologies in hospitals, institutional, and the practices of European professionals.

Specific modules of the program will be dedicated to differentiated work with children, adolescents, and adults.
The training includes:
  • Online modules — lecture and seminar classes
  • Webinars on clinical psychology and psychiatry
  • Art Studio — learning artistic techniques and properties of materials
  • Regular art therapy group as a model for practice
  • Supervision with Russian and international experts
  • Practice in art therapy groups and institutions
  • Peer groups: mandatory practice studied with classmates
  • Regular mini-groups with a tutor
Course Goal
To provide professional education in the field of art therapy, develop a community of art therapists interested in an in-depth theoretical and practical study and development of the art therapy method, and establish cross-cultural dialogue between representatives of different cultures within one professional discipline.
The course will be of interest to teachers, psychologists, social workers, educators, tutors, as well as artists and people from related creative professions interested in professional development, expanding methodological views, and practical skills for the resourceful use of art therapy opportunities in a professional context. To obtain the Certification for the Diploma of Retraining at the end of the program, it is necessary to have a document confirming the completion of higher education.
To receive the Attestation Diploma of Retraining at the end of the program, you must have a document certifying the completion of higher education.
March 2023 — June 2025
798 acad. hours of which:
181 acad. hours of lectures and seminars
72 acad. hours of webinars
64 academic hours of consultations with a tutor and the head of the educational program
48 hours of group therapy
48 hours of supervision
at least 27 hours of peer groups and other formats
The educational course is a Professional Retraining Program.

As a result of the course, graduates who have successfully passed intermediate and final certification exams and tests, as well as completed a graduation study based on the practice and supervision received, will receive a state diploma on retraining with the right to conduct professional activities in the new field of "Counseling in Art Therapy: Theory and practice".

The diploma is issued by ANO DPO "Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychological Counseling".
One semester — 90 000 ₽
(in the program 5 semesters)

The total cost of the program is 450,000 ₽
Payment options
Payment by semesters is 90,000 ₽:

Full payment for the course before January 20, 2023: 400,000 ₽.


Semester 1