The Story of SAMO

At first we were a group of art therapists at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art.

We had a large range of groups — for children, families, and even for fathers.
We secured our own space and began running even more groups:
  • Children, 3−7 years old
  • Children, 7−9 years old
  • Families
  • Adults
We began an education group. We started our SAMO DIY summer camp.

And outdoor art retreats for adults. Special groups emerged in the DIY workshop for dads with kids.

We created a project in Mozhaysk prison colony for minors and started conducting educational courses in cities across Russia — in Voronezh and Tomsk.
We held the first ‘Family Art Therapy' summer school in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
We started conducting regular children’s groups and educational groups at MMOMA on Petrovka (Moscow).
We created a children’s project in Teriberka. We ran a DIY camp all summer for children aged 7−11.

We created a joint children’s project with the Apothecary Garden in Moscow, called ‘The Kingdom of Kingdom.'
We implemented an art therapy project for adults at the Palliative Centre in Maryina Roshcha.
We launched our professional requalification programme, ‘Art Therapy: Theory and Practice' in collaboration with Institute for Practical Psychology and Counseling.

We registered the NGO ‘SAMO Centre for Psychology and Art Therapy.' We conducted a pilot launch of the project ‘Art Therapist’s Office' at the children’s hospice ‘Lighthouse Charity.' We created the children’s project ‘School of Curiosity.' During lockdown we had a regular open online group called ‘Samoe Vremya' (‘The Right Time').
We launched the year-long project ‘Art Therapist’s Office' at the children’s hospice Lighthouse Charity.

We started offering regular supervision sessions for professionals.
The first cohort of the professional requalification programme graduated.

We began building a community of art therapists.

We conducted the first season of Open Lectures on Art Therapy in collaboration with the Museum of Moscow with the support of the ArtSocial Foundation.
We launched free art therapy groups for city residents at the Museum of Moscow.

We started the online format of the ‘Art Therapist’s Office' project for patients in hospices across Russian regions in collaboration with the Vera Foundation and with the support of the ArtSocial Foundation.

We published this website.
All of this has been and continues to be made possible by a diverse group of people who respect their own imagination.